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Software marble and granite

IDStone SGA facilitates the management of production plants, warehouses and quarries. Monitors, organizes and manages all processes, providing the necessary traceability

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Pictures slab by slab

IDStone Capture: exclusive imaging technology that takes a picture, slab by slab, and integrates each image with its corresponding record of the stock

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Slabs Classification

IDStone Quality: slab classification and measurement from pictures taken by IDStone Capture

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Slabs warehouse with images

IDStone B2B facilitates the sales and customer relations. Private access to the stock through the Internet, with real images of each slab and its features

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Labels for traceability

From bar code labels made with special and high performance materials up to radiofrequency tags (etiquetas RFID) for labeling blocks, slabs, tiles, etc

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Computer vision for the natural stone

Computer vision is available in IDStone to meet the needs of the marble, granite and other natural stone industry

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Saturday, 13 Jul 2024

Labels, tags for traceability of marble, granite and other natural stones

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Under the brand IDStone¬ģ we offer a unique range of high-performance labels and tags designed for every kind of material (labels and tags for blocks, labels and tags for slabs, labels and tags for tiles‚Ķ ), in order to achieve data capture automation and the desirable traceability in the industry of the natural stone. From bar code labels made with special and high performance materials up to radiofrequency tags (RFID labels), we have the most desirable solution that your company needs.


Barcode labels

Our R & D has developed a range of high performance labels, industrial processes resistant to industrial processes in the quarry or in the manufacturing plant and with excellent resistance to weathering for long periods of time. Our labels and tags provide concrete and effective solutions for the natural stone industry. Some features of our exclusive labels and tags:

-  Specifically designed for the natural stone industry.
-  High adherence on different materials.
-  Perfectly suited to irregular surfaces, like slabs edges.
-  Excellent resistance to weathering for long periods of time.
-  Excellent resistance to industrial processes in the manufacturing plants.
-  Both labels and bar code prints are resistant to resins and industrial ovens.
-  Excellent barcode readability, both indoors and outdoors even in bright sunlight.
-  Contrasted durability by the experience of years in our customers.


RFID tags

The advantages provided by radio tags (RFID, Radio Frequency Identification or RFID) in other sectors of industry and commerce are well known. If you really think that RFID can meet your needs to identify blocks, slabs or tiles, take hold of our experience in the industry to start your project identification by RFID. RFID is not our core business, but it¬īs a technology that can help to meet your needs. We have tested this technology with some of our customers and we can help you to demystify it. We believe that it is a complementary technology to the barcode identification and we know when to use it and how.


Labels for marble blocks, granite or other natural stones

The identification of natural stone blocks, coupled with the mobility and ease of transmitting information that provides IDStone Mobile, provides the following advantages and benefits:

- Reduced time spent on marking blocks

- Reduced time spent on block inventory tasks.

- Reduced the time of the of information capture processes.

- Elimination of errors in the interpretation of handwritten information.

- Elimination of errors due to manual entry of data into the system.


Considering that the blocks are the essential raw material to start the process of the production in the plant or factory, we understand the importance of having reliable information about the stock of the blocks at any time, anywhere and regardless of whether the block is in our warehouse, in a quarry in another country, or being transported by sea.

We offer two different approaches to identify blocks:

- Labels for natural stone blocks placed by physical anchor.
- Labels with high strength adhesive for marble or granite blocks.

Either of the two systems has proven useful to our customers and in both cases the time of placement of the label is less than the time spent with the traditional method of marking with spray paint.

We will study your case and indicate the most suitable identification system for your needs.

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