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Software marble and granite

IDStone SGA facilitates the management of production plants, warehouses and quarries. Monitors, organizes and manages all processes, providing the necessary traceability

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Pictures slab by slab

IDStone Capture: exclusive imaging technology that takes a picture, slab by slab, and integrates each image with its corresponding record of the stock

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Slabs Classification

IDStone Quality: slab classification and measurement from pictures taken by IDStone Capture

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Slabs warehouse with images

IDStone B2B facilitates the sales and customer relations. Private access to the stock through the Internet, with real images of each slab and its features

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Labels for traceability

From bar code labels made with special and high performance materials up to radiofrequency tags (etiquetas RFID) for labeling blocks, slabs, tiles, etc

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Computer vision for the natural stone

Computer vision is available in IDStone to meet the needs of the marble, granite and other natural stone industry

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Saturday, 13 Jul 2024

IDStone Mobile: mobility for the natural stone companies

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The IDStone mobility solutions enable your company to simplify and streamline the production processes and logistics, to reduce the administrative workload of operators and to improve the control of the stock available at your warehouses. IDStone Mobile provides you updated information at any time and real time. The information is captured real time and in the same pace where it is generated: (quarries, production plants, warehouses, loading docks, etc. ).

Everything you need to move the goods in your quarry, warehouse or floor plant (both expeditions and changes of location) is a small mobile device helping you to introduce the necessary data. The stock will be automatically updated because the software IDStone Mobile makes it possible.


Locations, quarries, floor plants, warehouses geographically dispersed

Our system will provide you with the information generated in any center, regardless of their geographical location. We use the latest technology to provide access and gather the information that your business needs, even in the more complex application environments.

IDStone Mobile has been designed considering its use for both scenarios always connected, where it is always possible to access the corporate network, such as for environments sometimes connected, such as the quarries, where in many occasions it is not possible to establish a good enough communication.


The information you need simply ‚Äújust in time‚ÄĚ

Many companies in the natural stone industry are managing the data collection with paper forms. The content of these forms is introduced later in their systems by the administrative staff. This method means several problems: Time lag between the real stock and the available in the ERP, many chances for errors, difficulties and errors in reading handwritten data, information not integrated and dispersed, high traffic of paper and paper consumption, etc.

The most important companies of the natural stone sector (marbles and granites) are using IDStone Mobile for years to manage all their processes to capture information in production plants, quarries or warehouses. IDStone Mobile facilitates the capture of information in the workplace, regardless of the environmental conditions, using robust mobile devices adapted to the specific needs of this industry.


Advantages and Benefits

IDStone Mobile provides the following advantages:

- Synchronize the physical process of materials with the computer aided.
- Reduce the time to complete the data collection processes.
- Reduce the administrative workload for operators replacing it with simple, intuitive processes.
- Eliminate handwritten information errors.
- Eliminate manual entry errors.
- Optimizes location management in the warehouses.
- Automatizes the inventory processes.
- Provides fully reliable stock data at any time and from anywhere.

In short, IDStone Mobile allows you to have the information needed by different areas of your company every time and ‚Äújust in time‚ÄĚ (address, financial, commercial, quality, production and logistics).


Data collection

In a very simple way for the operator, IDStone Mobile captures all the movements of blocks, slabs, tiles, etc. that occur in the different areas of the company.

In the quarry: block production, moves to the factory, inventory, loading orders for customers, and so on.

In the production plant or warehouse: cutting blocks, shopping blocks, slabs or tiles, internal transfers or movements, operations in line booster or polishing, disc bridge, sales to customers, rotating or periodic inventory, etc.

With a single movement information is automatically available, secure and updated in the system for subsequent use by all departments involved. The solution has been developed from the beginning to adapt fully to the work schedule of the sector of natural stone (marble, granite and other ornamental stones).

Rugged mobile devices

The mobile terminals approved for use with Mobile IDStone combine rugged construction with high performance wireless networks (GPRS, UMTS, WIFI) to provide access and retrieval of information in real time in the toughest environments. Terminals equipped with bar code reader, both linear and two-dimensional, and ready for integration into RFID reader solutio.

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